Our mission:

We aim to provide high quality, affordable healthy meals for everyone.

About Us:

ActivMeals was founded on the premise of being able to ease people's lives, bringing healthy meal
awareness and educate potential clients on the need for healthy meal plans. Our complete meal prep ideas
conveniently cover healthy recipes, healthy snacks, and dinner ideas.
Having started as a striving company in the ever tough meal-producing industry, with no connections or
experience. ActivMeals has successfully evolved over the years to become an experienced brand and
generally, a force to reckon with in the industry.

The Team
Our team of versatile and experienced chefs is not only passionate about healthy cooking, but they also
have the best knowledge of the current trends and meal prep ideas. With an unwavering commitment to
preparing easy, healthy meals for our clients' enjoyment, we employ only the highest quality meat,
poultry, vegetables and other ingredients in making these masterpieces. With ActivMeals, you can be
sure of 100% natural contents, no processed ingredients, and no preservatives.

Your Health and Fitness
We understand that staying fit and eating the right amount of nutrition goes hand-in- hand, hence our
provision of fully customized meal prep ideas for our clients. Each client can customize their portion of
protein carbs, and fat, while we apply them in their meals. In addition to this, we weigh and portion each
meal to suit each client's daily caloric needs. With ActivMeals, you can be sure of all-around energy and
fitness 24/7.

ActivMeals understand the importance of proper healthy diet to achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.
Hence, we have developed exclusive tools to ensure better synergy between personal trainers and their
clients. With these tools, a trainer can monitor and improve the meal requirements of, as well as
communicating the desired encouragements to their clients. These tools are FREE and have been proven
over time to yield the best possible results.

Maximum Convenience
Check out our healthy food delivery package. We understand how busy life can be at times, as a
businessman or a professional. However, we have you covered with our outstanding meal prep ideas that
conveniently includes healthy foods, healthy recipes, healthy snacks and even dinner ideas. Apart from
this, we have put in place comprehensive pickup and delivery services. Clients can order their meals for
the week starting Sunday through Thursday noon, and repeat this process over. Confirmed orders
throughout the week will be ready for pick up on Sunday at noon. We send you a confirmation email once
your order has been placed, and you receive a text when it is ready for pick-up.

To ensure maximum convenience, ActivMeals offers easy pickup during business hours. Our pickup
location, however, is only open on Sundays. Failure to pick up prepped meals after five days of arriving
at the pick-up location equals expiration. Such meals, on expiration, will be disposed of by our
associates, due to safety concerns. Check out "Locations" for businesses that carry our food.

Safer Environment
Towards achieving a safer and cleaner environment in Fresno and the central valley, ActivMeals will now
use full size and half-size glacieres to purchase instead of plastic bags. Such glacieres will keep your
food cold for hours. However, clients may come with their bags to pick up their meals.

ActivMeals is indeed your healthy meals and healthy meal prep services solution. Take a tour through
our "How it work" segment and then our well-structured "menu""to get started.